Creating Ecosystem-driven Customer Experiences: The Next Frontier in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has traditionally been a vertically integrated one. The industry faces challenges which can translate to significant opportunities, provided the stakeholders of the industry rally together. The key challenges we see:

  1. Consumers are shifting from car ownership towards shared mobility models

  2. Urban infrastructure in emerging economies and increased awareness and adoption of eco-friendly practices amongst consumers

  3. New technologies are rapidly disrupting the automotive industry, driven in equal measure by incumbents, start-ups and technology players with access to inexpensive capital

 The industry will have to adapt itself and complement being vertically integrated with horizontal collaboration through ecosystems and partnerships. To the consumers though, experiences continue to matter. The automotive industry and its stakeholders including OEMs, multi-tier suppliers, providers of allied services and mega dealers have to rethink, innovate and deliver new experiences in line with evolving consumer expectations.

Current players have the option to build-it-all, which will be slow and capital intensive, or be a part of an environment where niche players and industry outsiders augment the value created by OEMs and suppliers. This environment will be defined by an Ecosystem play accessed by consumers using low-touch and no-touch services through their smartphones and cars.

Our report outlines the emerging macro trends in the automotive industry, and how creating ecosystem-driven experiences will be its next frontier.

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